Need Help with Workplace Incident Investigations?

Are your Incident Reports missing critical information required to perform an Investigation?

Do your Investigations miss the root cause of the event causing incidents to repeat on a regular basis?

Wish you had better data from Investigations to help reduce incident rates and give better insight into trends?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then know that Safetyminder provides you with a guided and easy-to-use investigation system that starts by collecting event data from the field, notifying the team, and providing you with the tools to complete your industry-leading investigation.

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Toolbox Talks - reinforcing your safety culture


To summarise, toolbox talks provide a valuable and effective method of communication and involving the employees while reinforcing safety throughout the workforce, which can significantly enhance safety culture.

In Safetyminder template forms you can create bespoke agendas and minutes. Schedule regular meetings, record who was there and create corrective action items directly in our mobile app.

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Personal Management - Licences, Qualifications, Leave Requests, Medical & Injury History

Let's chat about the 'Personal Management' feature in the Safetyminder Mobile App! Did you know you can keep track of licences, qualifications and leave requests?

This feature allows you to make sure all your staff keep their licences and training requirements up to date.

You can do appraisals, manage leave requests and easily see an employees medical & injury history along with onsite safety inductions.

Safetyminder mobile app gives you all this!

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General Task Register

Exciting News we've added a new register for General Tasks - more info coming soon