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Administration – External Companies – Sub-Contractor Management

This section of Safetyminder is where you set up and manage all your sub-contractors.

Step 1:
When you open the screen select Add New in the top right hand side of the page.
Add the Title of your Sub-Contractor EG: Company or Business Name
Add the Sub-Contractors email address and create a password.
Also select a expiry date for the existing agreement.
Then select Save.
Safetyminder will then automatically send your sub-contractor an email to complete the required form.

Step 2:
Your sub-contractors then completes the form and submits to form for your review. This part may take some time depending on when your sub-contractor response.
When you return to the Sub-contractor management screen, it will appear as submitted under the view & approve column.
Select the form by clicking on the submitted form you want to review.
Now you are reviewing the details provided by your sub-contractor.
If all details have been completed correctly then you will select the approve button in the top right corner of the page.

If however the details are not completed correctly and more information is required, you will then need to select the pending button.
You will get a pop up box giving a range of topics to select (by ticking the box next to the heading) from depending on what you require.
You tick all fields that you require them to complete and then write your email in the text field provided.
Then select Send email.
The sub-contractor will receive the email along with your instructions, when they open the form again all fields ticked by you will be highlighted yellow for them to complete.
The sub-contractor completes all required information including expiry dates (if necessary) and then submits the form again.
You then repeat Step 2 again.

Step 3:
When you select approve, a pop up screen will appear for you to complete the follow:
Add the Username which is an alphanumeric starting with a letter. (no spaces allowed in the username)
Select the security level required for the sub-contractor from the drop down list of security levels.
Then select approve.

Safetyminder allows you to manage all aspects of your responsibility within the workplace, saving time and making you safer at work.

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