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Under this screen you can maintain all licenses required and their expiry dates.

From Administration/Staff, click on the employee you wish to add a license for.

Click the Personal Details tab & select Licenses

Click +ADD NEW

1. Type in the License No.
2. Select the type of license from the list – new License Types can be added under Company Set Up.
3. Type in any conditions that may apply to the license.
4. Select the expiry date of the license from the date picker.
– Staff will receive notifications to let them know when a license is expiring.
5. If licenses are suspended at any time, admin or staff can add the suspension against the start date & finish date using the date pickers. The manager will receive a notification when this happens.
6. Click +ADD FILE to add a copy of the license or the staff member can add
a photo via the mobile app.

Click SAVE

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