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Under this screen you can store your staff’s completed Appraisal forms.

Open the appropriate staff member, click on the Personal Details button and select Appraisal History from the menu.


To add a completed Appraisal form select Add New.
1. Staff members name will auto populate.
2. Select Manager’s name from the drop-down list.
3. Add a brief description covering possible follow up dates or immediate actions (Max 500 characters).
4. Select the duration of the meeting held.
5. Select the date the meeting was held.
6. Select the next appraisal date.
7. When the Staff member has reviewed and signed off the Appraisal on the mobile app a tick will appear for Staff Signature.
8. Tick the box for Managers Signature.
9. Click Add File to upload a copy of the document.

To finish select save.

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