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This now gives your staff the ability to book, collect, return and transfer any asset that has been marked as Shared Plant & Equipment.
Open the asset and tick the box “Is this Item shared Plant & Equipment”.
1. The Assigned to will default to Location Stored and require selection from the list.
2. If you have a specific Pre & Post Use Check List that is required to be completed on collecting and returning the asset, then populate these fields.
– These are created in Administration/Templates and will be used in the mobile app when the asset is collected and returned.
NOTE: these are now optional and if none is selected then the mobile user will simply sign that the item is “Fit for Purpose”
3. A new section called Current Bookings will now be available.

Click Add New to make a booking.

Complete the form by selecting:
Booked By
From Date & Time
To Date & Time
Notes – Optional
Customer, Site, Job No, Job Name & Description are all optional.

Click SAVE

You can edit or delete any booking that has not been collected.

There is a new Shared Plant & Equipment Calendar in the Dashboard where you can view any bookings.
– Hovering over a booking will show the full details of the booking.
– Double clicking on the asset item will open it and show the bookings section.

Bookings can only be changed or deleted by opening the asset record.

Collecting and returning shared plant & equipment is completed in the mobile app.

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