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Assets can be added directly in the web app or users can add items to the Plant & Equipment Repair Register that have been assigned to them in the Plant & Equipment Register via their mobile app.

If adding in via the Web app then select ADD NEW.

Select the required item from the drop-down list of assets showing in your Plant & Equipment Register.

Plant & Equipment Description field is automatically filled when asset is selected.

Staff: Select team member completing the maintenance from the drop-down list.

Select the required repair date from the date picker.

Select the repairer from the drop-down list of Suppliers.

Enter the details of the fault or damage into the Fault/Damage Field.

Enter the details of what repairs were completed into the Repairs Required field.

Signed Off: The team selected in the staff field will be required to sign off that the repair has been completed using the mobile app.

Click +ADD FILE if you need to upload any documents for this task.

When finished Select Save.

The grid list will only display items that been not been completed. To view repair tasks that have been signed off, select the Signed Off box as shown below. All signed off repairs can also be viewed on the details page of plant & equipment items.

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