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These would normally be create on the mobile app in the field. 

Select Add New to create a new entry.

Once the new page appears, you will note that todays date is automatically selected, change if required.

Select the Customer affected from the list. Select which of the Customers Contact were notified.
Type in the job location affected.

Complete the adverse weather conditions cause the delay e.g. Thunderstorm.
Select the Staff Member who reported it.
Select the Time of Job Suspension started. Complete the hours and minutes the suspension lasted.

Complete the Time Notification Sent date and time.
Select the Manager from list.

Select how the Customer was notified e.g. SMS, Email or both

To load a copy of the documents, select Add File.

Locate the document in your local hard drive and select open.
The title will upload with the document, but can be changed at any time.
You can add a description of the document as well.

After the initial upload of the document you are then able to use the action icons.
You can delete the document.
You can upload a new version of the document.
Or you can download a copy of the existing document.

When finished Select Save.


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