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Administration – Company Set Up – Company Info

Once you have opened the page, you will notice that the name and business ID have already been populated.

If you require this to be changed at any time, please contact Safetyminder at

You then need to complete the remainder of the Company info page.
Select Industry type from the drop down list. If your industry is not listed select the plus button, Add Industry type and save.
Enter your Business Registration Number (Example: New Zealand has the New Zealand Business Number)
Enter your Company Registration Number (Example: Australia has the Australian Company Number)

Select your Time Zone.

Signature – This will be used for email notification

To add a company logo click on the blue edit button on the right side of the page.

The next section displays both allocated and used licences for your company.
If you require more licences please contact us at

In the address section select your country then use the “Tab” button to complete the remaining Address and contact details.

When finished select SAVE

Coy Info

Safetyminder allows you to manage all aspects of your responsibility within the workplace, saving time and making you safer at work.

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